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Frequently asked questions - FAQ

Here we answer the most asked questions about our products and services you briefly and clearly. To do this simply click on the topic below.

You find the answer to your question? We will of course help.

How do I create an account?

To use the platform, must you be first of all Register. Whether you want to be yourself landlord or rather than guest book an accommodation, is the first step. The registry is the same for both, i.e. you can use the same account both advertise your accommodation, as well as the accommodation of others discover and book.

Signing up takes only a few seconds and then you have full access to the platform.


What should I do first after registration?

First you should complete your profile now. Simply top-right click on the arrow next to your name, to enter the menu. Ever more informative your profile, the better. This applies in particular to landlord, but guests should add at least photos and a brief description of a meaningful. Bearing in mind, that you will be strangers to visit or take them with you. Because you want to make is of course an image of the other in advance.

How do I add my accommodation?

The advertise of your accommodation is not much more complicated. In just a few steps you can give a detailed listing with the predefined filters, Availability (z.B. weekends only) specify, appealing photos upload and wait until your first bookings. Remember: A meaningful and wahrheitsgemßes listing has the best chances on many reservations and satisfied guests, that you in turn sustained can support positive reviews. Remains realistic in the price, best you based you on ähnlihen advertisements in the neighborhood.

What are the costs to get to me?

Our offer: We offer free ads. All providers – Private and commercial – can enter their offerings free in our portal and publish.

Advertisers can switch many advertise privately and commercially as.

Commission-free: You would like to earn money with renting an apartment or a cottage, Therefore, all rental income to remain 100% at your.

Tips for a successful rental

1. High-quality & current images.

2. Detailed description.

3. Reviews.

4. Fast response times.

5. Transparent prices.

6. Current availability.

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