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Apartments & Holiday homes North Sea cheap from private hire

Windsurfing and sailing are popular water sports because of the ever-present wind. The North Sea is considered significantly more difficult to segelndes area as the Baltic Sea or Mediterranean sea because of strong tides and the many shallow areas near the coast, so are here far less swift than on the other coasts. The mudflat hiking on the North Frisian Islands and Halligen, the Danish and Frisian Islands, but also fishing and scuba diving, for example, the wreck diving in Scapa Flow, is possible. The special climatic conditions on z. B. the German North Sea coast is considered to be beneficial to health. Already in the 19. Century travelers used their stay on the coast as a spa holiday. The favourable climate factors of air, Temperature, Water, Wind and solar radiation activate immune and circulatory system, strengthen the immune system and healing in particular affect skin and respiratory system. In the sense of Thalasso therapy also sea water become next to the climatic conditions of treatment application, Schlick, Sole, Algae and sea salt used as a remedy. With us you can vacation rentals & Ferienhäuser an der Nordsee günstig privat mieten.

Ferienwohnunge Ferienhäuser Nordsee
Ferienwohnungen Ferienhäuser Nordsee

Apartments & Cottages on the North Sea coast cheap from private hire

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